by Rabih Gebeile

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L'album Murmuration est mon premier projet solo composé de guitare électrique, de boîte à rythmes analogique, de larsens et de voix.
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released September 30, 2016

Murmuration (2016)
Electric guitar, drum machine, feedback, vocals by Rabih Gebeile
Written, composed, interpreted, mixed by Rabih Gebeile

Album art by Tatiana Wolska



all rights reserved


Rabih Gebeile Paris, France

French-lebanese audiovisual artist and composer born in 1979. His preferred media are music and sound processing, video art and cinematography.
His current composition method is a musical interpretation of the memory's mechanics, mainly with a guitar, a looper and a drum machine.
He is the founder and main composer for the electro rock band Backbone Party.
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Track Name: murmuration
Track Name: 8
By the time he got to the car, his head filled up like a balloon
And we were far behind his eyes
Out of the blue
And into the common void of a monochromatic thought
He stepped out of the vehicle, dragged himself on the floor
We couldn't carry him despite everything he left behind
A rush to the head
They squeezed his brain like a sponge
Drained out the filth through the spine till his toes curl
Drained out the filth till the fragments of his life shine and unfurl

Oh we're burning down your empire
We should have left you by the lake
Oh you're burning in a wildfire
And we don't have the will to stay awake

Another forest behind the trees
Another pyro-catastrpohy
We'll stay feral
We'll hang'em, and cut'em
let him bleed.
Track Name: your jade/my loss
I don't remember how you ended here
Diffuse your heart and all is left is a cold, cold fear
It kind of feels like you're a distant liar
One who'd sleep in wet sheets in a house on fire
Your life is a mess and the ceiling broke on the floor
And the glass and the crease in your eyes start to choke me

The stench in the room and the forgotten infections
They're all up to crawl on me while outside there's a commotion
Happy New Year
Happy New Year old friend
No one will ever remember how unclean the tiles were and neither will you
But I digress
It's time for me to leave
It's time for me to leave
Track Name: short film memory
I saved all of your pictures for me
They sway
And scatter down my window
On a ledge
See how they hover down
Like burning angels
I'd like to set the sunrise in reverse
And see how you shine
And how all of the pieces mend for me now
And how all of the pictures are for me
And i know just for a day
It's all a rehearsal
So come on and say
All of my lies
I drown in your landslide
Your eyes are always fading out on me
And i wonder how they belong to you
Pick up your arms and show me the way
So come on
Ask again
What are we onto
Your veins under my fingertips are pacing me again
Track Name: heat in the room
Track Name: light in slowmotion
Whatever happened to
The night driving
Or the memories found in your urine
I only hoped for a different hue
Of you
I only hoped for a lighter shade
Of you
Whatever happened to you
Whatever that means
Track Name: pinhole/see the rivers flow
I found my way up a nice wall
And I climbed up to the highest floor
The nicest view I could ask floor
Then I tripped and cut myself on the second floor
In all my years of yearning I never thought I'd peer upon
The street down under where you held your paperclip
As I was perched up on my second floor
You walk me up the alley and maybe we ought to take a little ride
Where something would happen but we're just gonna kiss
And say goodbye
Say Goodbye
You walk me up an alley and through the street meander
We share a hollow smile with all the gaping windows
The sounding guns
And the lamp posts going dim dim dim dim dim dim

Comprise me in your plans my darling
The sentimental cling keeps me from falling
You volunteered
You volunteered
Plug me with your medicine my lover
And hide
Track Name: sunrise in repeat